07 April 2005


Two released over 1974 murder

Patrick Kelly who was shot dead in 1974

Two men being questioned about the murder of a councillor over 30 years ago have been released without charge.

Patrick Kelly, a nationalist member of Omagh District Council, was shot dead in July 1974. His body was found in a lake in County Fermanagh weeks later.

The murder was admitted by the UFF. The inquiry was re-opened in 2003, led by an officer from the West Midlands.

Files relating to separate offences committed 30 years ago have been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Two other men who were arrested in their homes on Tuesday were released without charge.

Mr Kelly, 33, was shot on the Badoney Road as he drove to his home at Golan on 24 July 1974.

Searches were organised to look for Mr Kelly

That same night, bloodstains, shirt buttons and cartridge cases were found on the roadside a mile from Trillick, where it is believed he met his killers.

His body was found three weeks later, 10 miles away in Lough Eyes in Fermanagh. He had been shot several times and his body had been weighted down.

A major search was launched after the roadside discoveries, but it was called off a week before Mr Kelly's body floated to the surface of the lake.

Police had been under intense pressure to launch a fresh investigation amid claims of collusion between the killers and the security forces in the murder.

His family want an independent inquiry into his death.

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