23 April 2005


Officer refutes 'no-go' comments

A senior police officer has said there is no question of any part of Derry being a no-go area for officers.

Chief Superintendent Richard Russell, district commander for the Foyle area, was responding to comments made in the High Court on Friday.

A crown lawyer said police do not go into the nationalist Galliagh estate because of fears of civil unrest.

However, Mr Russell said his officers police the entire city.

He added that to suggest otherwise was a misunderstanding of the situation.

The comments about Galliagh were made during a bail application for a man accused of using a hammer in an attack on two men on the estate last weekend.

Crown lawyer Charles McKay said police were targeted by stone-throwing mobs of young people in the Galliagh area.

"This is an area with excessive policing problems," Mr McKay said.

"After children come home from school the police don't go into this large housing complex because they are suddenly attacked."

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