29 April 2005


New paper is 'set to shed jobs'

Daily Ireland hit the news stands in February

There is speculation Daily Ireland, the tabloid newspaper launched just two months ago by the Andersonstown News group, is set to shed jobs.

It is not known how many posts will go, however it is believed to be in double figures.

Staff at Daily Ireland have been told there is a possibility that up to 12 jobs may have to go.

A statement from the management of the newspaper group is expected later on Friday.

When it was launched in February, the management of Daily Ireland said it would be cross-border and pro-nationalist.

About 60,000 copies of the paper were printed to coincide with the launch.

Its aim was to take sales off the Belfast-based Irish News and the Irish editions of the English tabloids, which sell well in nationalist areas.

It needed to sell 20,000 copies a day to break even and said it expected to pick up sales principally in Northern Ireland, Dublin and the border counties.

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