18 March 2005



03/18/05 14:26 EST

Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator, Martin Mc Guinness has strongly refuted the accusation by US Senator John Mc Cain that comments he made in a BBC interview were a veiled threat to the Mc Cartney sisters.

Mr Mc Guinness said: "Senator John Mc Cain’s accusation that I made a ‘veiled threat’ to the sisters of Belfast murder victim Robert Mc Cartney are as uninformed as the original report carried by the Press Association Wire Service was malicious and inaccurate."

"Perhaps the Senator should have made the effort to listen to a transcript of the interview before making such baseless accusations informed only by a lurid PA misrepresentation of my comments. For those that are interested in what I actually said I will repeat it. I cautioned against alienating large sections of the nationalist community throughout Ireland who supports 100% the quest for truth and justice by politicising the campaign. I explained that the campaign was in danger of being used for ulterior motives by politicians and others with their own agendas."

"The revelation this week around the PSNI manipulation of the case by refusing to interview witnesses is an example of this. I reiterate my total and unqualified support for the Mc Cartney family in their search for truth and justice and I will do everything I can to help," Mr. McGuinness said.

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