26 March 2005

Daily Ireland

Letters to the Editor

Why the IRA?

In the late sixties, the IRA had decommissioned and gone away. Then what happened? The RUC, B Specials, the unionist/loyalist/UVF axis and their British masters all declared war on a defenseless nationalist population. Results, Burntollet, Bombay St, Bloody Sunday, internment etc etc.
Hundreds of nationalists burned out of their homes, interned and many murdered and maimed. What did our "guardians" in the Irish government do? They didn't just stand idly by, they jailed anyone who dared to defend us including some of their own ministers.
These are the same people who are today crying for the IRA to decommission and go away. You already got your decommissioning and your surrender. We know what you did then. By your present attitude and past record, we know well what you would do in the future.
The rebirth of the republican movement was, and is, our only defense against the invader and her surrogates. They taught us to get off our knees. These are the people we will continue to support and we will not be voting for surrender, or a sectarian police service.

Laurence O'Neill

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