25 March 2005


McDonald denies Short Strand 'culture of fear'

25/03/2005 - 15:56:50

Sinn Féin's National Chairman Mary Lou McDonald has denied the existence of a "culture of fear" in Belfast's Short Strand which is preventing witnesses to Robert McCartney's murder from coming forward with evidence.

Dublin MEP McDonald said today the McCartney family is meeting with Gerry Adams today and claimed they have the continued support of Sinn Féin in their fight for justice.

The McCartneys claim that the IRA has taken back one of the members it expelled over the killing, and they are questioning the group’s commitment to their campaign for truth.

Ms McDonald denied that there was any pressure on people to keep quiet about what they saw on the night: “I think there is a myth amongst certain sections of the media, perhaps a deliberately constructed one, around this business of fear in the community.

“It is certainly not a fear of republicans in terms of bringing this information forward. We couldn’t be more crystal clear, the IRA, Sinn Féin, republicans everywhere have called for people to bring the information forward,” she claimed.

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